This page shows the current projects and products we’re working on at HiTech Edventures:

Current Crowd-funded Products available at

  1. Do It Yourself Chip Design Tool
  2. The Introductory Chip Design Course with e-Book

Current Service-For-Hire Projects:

  1. Daring Innovation – Web and mobile app
  2. Paranetics – Magnetics Engineering and Metrics
  3. B-Tracks balance board + App – a concussion assessment system for athletes
  4. Ahtlatl FPGA board projects:
    1. ARM Processor on the FPGA – COMPLETE!
    2. Creating a virtual Arduino on the Ahtlatl FPGA board
    3. Designing an Adapter for Arduino shields on the Ahtlatl
  5. Application notes for Ahtlatl FPGA Board
  6. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, And Beagle Bone Projects
  7. Teaching and Online classroom support
  8. Web Development and Support