Learn Digital Chip Design!

We’re sponsoring an introductory Do-It-Yourself digital chip design course that starts in July: enroll for credit at SDSU in CompE 270 or audit the course Digital Systems 101 .  No prior experience beyond Algebra is required, and anyone can sign up through SDSU’s Open University program to earn college credit, or on a non-credit basis at reduced cost.  Know someone who might be interested?  The SDSU course is 3 units, and cost varies depending on how much support you need and if you want to receive college credit.  You can sign up for credit through SDSU’s Open University Program or  E-mail for more information, or see the course description.  Course instructor for Summer 2013 is Ken Arnold, BMPPH and lecturer in SDSU’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department.

There are three options to sign up for this course:

1) Observer fee: $199 to Audit as an observer only in the OLUC course, Digital Systems – homework and tests may be taken and may be submitted if desired, however no feedback, grade or instructor support will be provided.  Price includes e-book, digital chip development kit (see, and all required course materials.

2) Fee for instructor support, non-credit: $299 to enroll in the OLUC course, Digital Systems, with full instructional support.  Students may take tests, complete labs, and receive instructional feedback and upon completion of all course work with a passing grade of C or better, earn a certificate of completion.  Price includes instructor support, feedback, certificate of completion, e-book, digital chip development kit (see, and all required course materials.

3) Fee for full support and college credit: $920 to co-enroll in OLUC and the corresponding San Diego State University course, CompE 270, Digital Systems, and receive full support, complete all course work with a passing grade of C or better and earn 3.0 units of credit.  Price includes SDSU college credit, instructor support, feedback, grade, e-book, digital chip development kit (see, and all required course materials.

1) Fee: $199* Audit/Observer Status
Access to all course materials, lecture recordings and group discussions.  Fee includes the text e-book and FPGA development board.

2) Fee: $299* to Enroll in the OLUC course: Digital Systems, with full instructional support, take tests, and upon completion of all course work with a passing grade of C or better, earn a certificate of completion.  Fee includes the text e-book and FPGA development board.

3) Fee: $920* to take this course for full instructor support and ALSO earn California State University credit that SDSU enrolled students can apply toward a Bachelor’s degree.  This is co-enrollment with OLUC and SDSU through the SDSU Open University program. In most cases, the course credits can also be transferred to other institutions subject to that institution’s rules.  Applies to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering Bachelor’s degree programs.
Additional SDSU Fees to take course for credit:

SDSU Fee is $920 (SDSU Open university enrollment fee for CompE 270 (3 units * $240 per unit) of $720* + $200 fee for text book and FPGA development board.)

SDSU’s Open University fees are $240 per unit for undergraduate courses, plus lab fees.  Mailed forms are considered received as of the postmark date. SDSU accepts checks, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and Visa. Faxed forms cannot be accepted.

The course is listed in SDSU’s schedule — click on the “Select Term” tab, choose “Summer 2013″ and enter “Arnold” as the instructor.

For more info on enrollment in SDSU’s Open University program:

To sign up for the CompE 270 course through SDSU’s Open University Program go to:
New students must choose “Create a New Account.”

*Late registration (with $20 late fee) or Drop/Withdrawal is not available online. To drop or withdraw from a course, complete a Transaction Form, obtain the instructor’s signature and return the form to the Extended Studies Registration Office. Late registration may be done in person or by mail. Registration or withdrawal after deadline dates is by petition only for serious and compelling reasons. Contact the CES Registration office at 619 594 5152 or for information.

All credit refunds are subject to a $17 administrative charge plus ASB/student fees will be deducted after first class session.

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Physical Computing 102: Programming the Raspberry Pi

Physical Computing 103: Programming the Beagle Bone

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