HiTech EdVentures is an independent‚ self-funded‚ for-profit public benefit business that benefits STEM education by building bridges between the business and academic worlds.

Students Benefits:

Students need the hands-on, practical approach that comes from working on real projects. We enabling this by providing students with real world projects sponsored by industry, and by developing and offering our own products for sale using the crowd-funding model popularized by sites such as Kickstarter and Kiva.

Industry Benefits:

Small projects can be sub-contracted to HTEV at very low cost and risk, while allowing potential employers to “test drive” potential employee-students. Projects are guided by experienced industry professionals, so they stay focused on the project objectives.


Two business models:

Project for hire, and Crowd Funded Product Development

1) Project for hire:

Individuals and Organizations with projects that might not otherwise see the light of day are tackled by highly motivated students allowing completion at much lower cost than if they were developed using conventional means, all while benfiting from some incredibly creative students.

2) Crowd-funded product development:

Students, faculty and others work on product concepts and if they reach their minimum funding goal, similar to the kickstarter and indiegogo approach, but tailored to our program. Similar to the Girl Scout Cookie model, the products developed may not be the least expensive solution, but they provide real experience and whenever possible the bulk of the work is done within the local economy.

Here are some of our students and their projects:

IMG_0786[1] IMG_0785[1]

IMG_0409 IMG_0781[1]

IMG_0777[1] IMG_0791[1]

IMG_0864 IMG_0858

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